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Our Story

Cozy Cottontail was born a year and a half ago with the intent to create unique items for your babes and family. Here's a little about me - McKenzie and why I do what I do! 

I began creating when I was young. From designing my own Halloween costumes 
for my mom to sew up, building furniture for my Barbies, to sewing them clothes so they could be different from what every other girl had - and being different is something I've always believed in. I've never wanted the same things as others, or to be like anyone else. Conformity is just not my thing.

My desire to start this business came about from the experiences I had as a younger girl. Throughout my life, I've had quite a few health problems which led me to miss almost all of my high school career. Through the home school, and very empty days laying in bed I found myself creating anything and everything to take my mind off the sickness. Though those times were rough, that is where I found my true passion for sewing, especially sewing for others. To be able to create quality, unique items that someone else is able to cherish truly brings me so much joy. And that simply is my mission with Cozy Cottontail, designing quality, unique and affordable products for the everyday family.

Happy shopping!