Cuddles from Cozy

Cuddles from Cozy | McKenzie Henderson | Cozy Cottontail

Our Cuddles from Cozy program is made possible in part because of you!

Every time someone like you purchases one of our swaddles, or minky blankets (36” x 54” or larger) we donate a minky lovey to a baby in the NICU or in constant pediatric care.

At two months old, I went into heart failure and each day was a fight for my life as I struggled to grow and thrive. Throughout my childhood I was consistently monitored by my cardiologist, and though I do not remember most all of those days, I do remember that I seemed to always leave the hospital with a blanket or gift that a kind stranger had made for me.

To this day, these blankets and gifts still have a special place in my heart, and have inspired me to give back so another child can hopefully feel the same warmth that I did. It may be a small gesture, but one that is very meaningful. I invite you to join in on our effort to warm the tired hearts of many children, and families all over the nation, all you have to do is order.

Thank you for making a difference!



Do you know a baby in need? Tell us about them here so we can send them a gift! Nominate a baby | Cozy Cottontail